Shri Kshetra Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple

Temple is open for all devotees from 05 July 2021 after Covid 2nd wave lockdown. For more info needed request to get in touch with the provided number. Vallabh Dinkarbhatt Pujari - +91 9496456789

How to Reach Ganagapur?

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How to reach Ganagapur / Ganagapura ?

Ganagapur Dattatreya Nirgun Math is situated at 22 KM's from 'Ganagapur Road' (Railway Station of Ganagapur) and 40 KM's from its district place called KALABURAGI which is previously known as GULBARGA in northern part of Karnataka.

  • Nearest City is Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) at 40 KM's (Approx.)

  • Ganagapur to Sholapur (Solapur Maharashtra) distance is around 101 KM's (Approx.)

  • Nearest domestic Airport is Kalaburagi Airport (formerly known as Gulbarga airport code is GBI, which is district place of Ganagapur as well (Approx 45 KM’s from Ganagapur.) Currently there are 2 direct flights operating from BANGALURU-KALABURAGI ( Air-India and Star-Air). For timings of flights please visit respective airline websites.

  • Mumbai to Ganagapur road distance is 498 and Rail Distance 541 KM's (Approx.)

Easier routes to reach Ganagapur by private vehicles:

  • From Hyderabad to Ganagapur (240 Km's Approx.):-
    Hyderabad – Pattanacheru- Zaheerabad- Humnabad (from Outer Ring Road circle take left towards Kalaburagi)- Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) – Chaudapur (Take left from Chaudapur) – Ganagapur.
    (Once you reach start point of Gulbarga ask people how to reach High court of Gulbarga, you can take left crossing High Court of Gulbarga enroute of Afzalpur to reach Ganagapur)

  • From Mumbai to Ganagapur (498 KMs Approx.):-
    Mumbai- Pune- Solapur- Akkalkot- Dudhani- Afzalpur- Choudapur- Ganagapur

  • From Bangalore to Ganagapur.
    Bangalore - Anantapur- Kurnool - Mehboob Nagar- Sedam- Malkhed - Gulbarga - Ganagapur. (677 KM Approx.)
    Bangalore- Anantapur - Gooty - Aadoni - Raichur- Devadurga - Shahapur- Surpur- Gulbarga - Ganagapur.

    (Once you reach start point of Gulbarga ask people how to reach High court of Gulbarga, you can take left after reaching High Court of Gulbarga to reach Ganagapur) {603 KM Approx.}

    Bangalore- Tumkur- Hospet- Nidgunda Cross (take right)- Basavana Bagevadi- Ingaleshwar- Devara Hipparagi- Sindagi- Jeratagi- Moratagi (Take left after Jeratagi)- Ganagapur (600 KM’s Approx)

If you are travelling by train from Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad from train you can get down at below stations as per your convenience:

  • Gulbarga {Railway Station code GULBARGA (GR)}:
    Gulbarga is a district place just 40 KM's away from Ganagapur, you can take bus or private vehicle to reach Ganagapur. If you didn't get direct bus, then can get frequent buses to Chowdapur and can get Autos from Chowdapur to Ganagapur which is just 7 KM's.
    Duration:It may take maximum of 60 mins to reach Deval Ganagapur from Gulbarga.

  • Station Ganagapur {Railway Station code GANAGAPUR ROAD (GUR)}:
    Station Ganagapur is nearest railway station for Deval Ganagapur just 22 KM's away. If you get down here Autos and buses are available to reach Deval Ganagapur.
    Duration:It may take maximum of 40 mins to reach from Station Ganagapur.


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