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Maha Naivedya

Maha Naivedya is one of the kind seva who knows the importance if he/she is regular visitor to Ganagapur and abide follower of Shree Guru Dattatreya.

Since when swamy kept his Nirgun Paduka in “Nirgun Math” and ended his holy avatar of Shri Narasimha Saraswati every day Maha Naivedya is being taken care from Bhaskar Brahman Lineage (Vamshastha) as per Guru Charitra chapter No 38 which are priests of Nirgun Math in Ganagapur.

Since 16th Century till to date not even a single day has been missed of this Maha Naivedya even at tough times and adverse situations also even when whole world was disturbed due to the COVID-19.

It is the food that is offered to God as per Ganagapur temple rituals at 12.30 PM afternoon which is prepared with highly pristine state of mind or conscious. The intention is to stay clean both in mind and body while preparing the Holy food. It is the main Naivedya and Maha Magalarathi which will happen both at same time.

Maha Naivedya contains the offering 5 sweets as Naivedya mainly includes ( Obbattu i.e. Holige, Hooran in Kannada, Pooranpoli in Marathi, Boli (Malayalam/Tamil), Bobbatulu in Telugu). Maha Naivedya consists of providing two food to the Sevekari’s (100 sevekari’s) or the ones who are staying in temple from long time for temple seva purpose for those providing food will be from priests home who are having the term of “Maha Naivedya”.

In Ganagapur there are mainly 4 families from Bhaskar Brahmana Vamshastha who are taking care of each temple pooja and Maha-Naivedya related activities till present, the Maha-Naivedya will be prepared by one of the Pujari’s(Priest) home every day.

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