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Ashta theertas

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Ashta theertas at Ganagapur / Ganagapura

On the day of Deepavali, Shri Guru said to the disciple, 'We shall have bath at 3 Holy places i.e. Prayag, Kashi and Gaya with family and children.

The disciple said, 'For such a long journey, we require some time for preparations'. Shri Guru says 'These holy places are near about. So there is no need for special preparation.'

Shatkula Teerth ( Bhima-Amarja Sangam sthan):

Shri Guru then takes everyone to Sangam and asks them to take bath in and says that it is like Triveni Sangam of Prayaga.He says how the River Amarja was emerged from the Nectar that fell down from Indras Hands and hence Bath in this River Prevents Diseases and Untimely Death. Shri Guru then takes them to the Following Teerthas on the Way to Ganagapur. This teertha is in Sangam where exact two rivers joins.

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Nrusimha Teerth:

The Bath in this Teerth and then worshipping Sangameshwara in Sangam that is situated behind Paduka temple in Sangam is like Worshipping Shrishailya Mallikarjuna and this fulfills ones Wishes. This Teerth is in front of the Sangam Mandir with just few meters away from 1st teerth.

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Bhagirathi (Varanasi) Teerth:

This teertha is just after Vishranti Katta which can be said as 2KM's away from Sangam i.e. 2nd Teertha. The Bath in this Teerth is as holy as Bath in Manikarnika Kund which is at Kashi. It is because once a Shiva Bhakta Brahmin of Bharadwaj Gotra Pleased Lord Shiva with his Devotion and when Lord Shiva appeared he asked that he want to take bath in Manikarnika daily and have Darshan of the Lord. Lord Shiva granted and a Kund was emerged there and it joined the Bhima River here.

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Papavinashini Teerth:

As the name indicates, Bath in this Teerth Destroys all the Sins. Shri Guru at this Teerth called his Purvashrama Sister Ratnai and Said, 'You had killed a Cat with a Stick and therefore you are having Leprosy. You bathe in this Teerth daily and your disease will disappear.' As advised, she bathed here for three days and her disease was wiped off. This teertha is just near village which is 500 Mtrs away from 3rd teertha. All people who visit Ganagapur even tough if they were not able to do Ashta teertha they won't miss a chance to take bath in Papavinashini teerth.

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Koti Teerth:

A Bath in this Teerth is like taking bath in all the Teerth of Jambu Dweepa. One should bathe here on Sankranthi, Grahan, Purnima and Amavasya and give a cow with a calf in Charity. A Charity done here is equal to a Crore Charity. It's just opposite to Dandavate Maharaj math.

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Rudrapada Teerth:

A Bath in this River is equivalent to a Bath in Gaya and Shraddha etc must be performed here. Most people will prefer to do Shraddha kriya karma in this place as its equal of doing in Gaya which is just few meters away from Koti Teertha.

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Chakreshwar Teerth:

A Dip in this Teerth is Even More Holy than the Bath in Dwaraka. Lord Keshava and Chakreshwara Mandir are located beside this Teerth.

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Manmatha Teerth:

This Teerth is in front of the Kalleshwara Mandir which is the last teertha. The Bath in this Teerth and then worshipping Kalleshwara is like taking bath in Gokarna Teerth and worshipping Mahabaleshwara. Devotees coming to Ganagapur do the Ashta Teerth Snan at Large Number. The Bath in Ashta Teertha's on Naraka Chathurdashi (in Diwali) day is very powerful. Even the sins and doshas will be removed by having bath in these Ashta Teerthas.

Huge crowd will participate in the Ashta teertha which will be done every year on Naraka Chaturdashi which will be at the time of Deepavali.

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PS: It will take at least 6 hours to complete all the Ashta teertha's by walk approx. of 6 KM's. It's advisable to hire a local auto as per your number of people doing and ask him to guide towards all the teertha's. Auto person will wait till you take bath in the individual teertha and will take you to the next one. It will take maximum 3 hours to finish.